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Car shipping to Walvis bay-Namibia from CYPRUS

GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS is an international car shipping company based in the CYPRUS, with a loading bays in Kyrenia port in GIRNE. GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS are able to assist you with shipping your vehicle from CYPRUS to Walvis Bay port in Namibia. GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS offer three different ways of shipping .

Vehicle Type


Our Quote

If Loaded with goods

Saloon cars less than 16 cbm £665 no charge
4x4,suv's Less than 18 cbm £695 on request
Small vans Less than 18 cbm from £695 plus £300


Between 18 - 25 cbm

from £975

Plus £300

Vans / Average sized Minibuses

Between 25 - 35 cbm

from £1480

Plus £300

Rigid Trucks / Truck heads

Up to 7.99m Long

from £1950

Plus £300

Rigid Trucks/ Tippers / Trailers

Between 8 - 11.99m long

from £2950

Plus £300

Buses / Coaches

Between 8 - 12m long

from £2950

Plus £300


GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS offer three different ways of shipping .

    Roll on and Roll off - (RORO)
    Private container / 20 foot container
    Shared Container / 40 foot container


this picture shows a roro method of car shipping to south africaRoll on and Roll off Service- RORO

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) Vessels carry goods such as Cars, Trucks, lorries, and Trailers to Namibia.  The vehicle is simply driven onto the vessel for loading and off the vessel on arrival in Namibia.  Hence the term Roll on/roll off, or RORO as it is commonly known. This mode of shipping is faster compared to containers in terms of loading and unloading time.

Using this Method, the vehicle is driven into the lower decks of large Ro-Ro ships and is therefore cheaper than the container method of shipping. This service is currently available to Walvis bay port in Namibia.

Private Container shipping Service / 20 foot

For those clients wishing to ship their vehicles to Namibia in a private container, this can be arranged. GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS will authorize shipment in an exclusive 20 foot container with comfortable room for only your vehicle. Therefore, access to your automobile and container is under your sole control.

You may be required to deliver the vehicle to the port of Sheerness for loading by our agents. After that, a professional car loader will secure your car into the container for safe transit. Please note that GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS now offer a collection/delivery service within CYPRUS for those with busy schedules.

When the container reaches arrives in Namibia you will be advised to come and open the container and collect your vehicle. Due to the element of safety involved in this method of shipping, it is understandable that it is slightly more expensive since you are paying for the whole container. However, you will have the knowledge that your vehicle will reach its destination in the same state and condition as it was when it left the CYPRUS.

Shared container Shipping service / 40 foot

A more affordable way of shipping cars is to ship it in a 40 foot container. This system loads up to 2 cars into a single container. In the remaining part of the container other items can be loaded.

The price one pays will entirely depend on the size of the car and how much space it takes in the container.

Kindly note that sometimes it may not be possible to ship your vehicle using this method because GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS may not always guarantee that there will be someone to pair you up with.

GUARANTEE SHIPPING LOGISTICS offer car & goods shipping from multiple locations in CYPRUS.

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